The Great Divide

Over the past 60 or so years, the layers between humanity and the computer have gradually been pulled away, bringing the two closer and closer to their inevitable collision into one. Where once computers were room-sized machines used by highly trained, remotely positioned operators, whose inventors never could have dreamed of widespread consumer adoption, modern… Continue reading The Great Divide

It’s Time We Kill Math Class… And Replace it With Something Much Better.

I hold no personal grudge against the American Education System, but I can’t help but feel that, being a crucial microcosm of larger American society, its lack of advancement has severely handicapped America’s as a whole. This is no more evident than in the sad state of the modern American math class, which is, unfortunately… Continue reading It’s Time We Kill Math Class… And Replace it With Something Much Better.

The Potential of MagSafe

Last week, Apple announced its brand new lineup of iPhones, and among things like 5G and the typical iterative camera improvements, one of the biggest, and for me, the most exciting additions they made to the iPhone was MagSafe, a new feature based around a set of magnets that allow users to connect a range… Continue reading The Potential of MagSafe


We are, to a certain degree, unique, and thus, we demand level of uniquity in the products we use every day. This uniquity reflects our own inner complexities as human beings, it offers a response to our demands and desires, a way for us to be able to purchase products that offer features tailored to… Continue reading Standardizing.

Build Products, Not Companies.

We are selfish creatures. Naturally, we are preprogrammed as living beings to put ourselves before all else, mainly as a survival method. Nowhere else is this statement more true than in the golden land of opportunity itself: Silicon Valley. And it’s this selfishness, this self obsession that is so intertwined with the very idea of… Continue reading Build Products, Not Companies.

No One Cares About the HomePod.

Normally, new product releases from Apple are met with an unprecedented degree of fanfare, so much so that even before a given product is announced people are already hyped and enthusiastic about it. And this is true when you look at almost every product in Apple’s lineup, every product except one: the HomePod. I consider,… Continue reading No One Cares About the HomePod.

The Problem With Consumer Grade Cloud Computing

It seems that everyday the idea of cloud computing for consumer markets gets closer and closer to being a reality. With more and more applications like game streaming services such as Google’s Stadia or Amazon’s recently announced Project Luna coming to market and finding success, it seems safe to say that cloud computing is more… Continue reading The Problem With Consumer Grade Cloud Computing