Things not Owned

The transfusion of physical and digital technologies has held a number of well documented negative implications for consumer societies: digital absorption, the rise of throwaway consumerism, etc. But there is one such negative implication that is, in my eyes, unjustly, and congruently, dangerously overlooked, when examining this transfusion: the decline of ownership. Physically, this decline,… Continue reading Things not Owned

In Light of Religion

It’s no secret that religious tendencies, in the traditional non-philosophy sense, have been in sharp decline. In a trend likely exacerbated through the internet enabled spread of ideas, the traditional religion (Christianity, Judaism, and Islamism) is not nearly as popular or prevalent in the public’s lives as it was even 40 years ago. And while… Continue reading In Light of Religion

The Illusion of Choice

We, as a race, have a terribly self-destructive tendency to over quantify the unquantifiable. It’s the sole cause of religion. Of materialism. And, perhaps most pertinent to 21st century American politics, and most definitely to this piece, it’s what leads to political partisanship. In his final public address as the first President of the United… Continue reading The Illusion of Choice

Ronald Reagan was the Better Worse Donald Trump.

As Donald Trump’s four year reign over our collective consciousness comes to an end, many have asked the question: What’s next for the Republican Party? And many have, in turn been quick to point out that another, more dangerous, more effective Donald Trump is surely on the way. The argument is that, because Biden largely… Continue reading Ronald Reagan was the Better Worse Donald Trump.

How We End the Cold War (Without Heating it Up Again)

The Vietnam War. The Korean War. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. It seems that every time the United States assumes a role in a foreign conflict, it’s for the worse. This is why I’m hesitant to join the calls for U.S. involvement in Russia over the arrest of Alexei Navalny. I wasn’t alive to witness the pissing… Continue reading How We End the Cold War (Without Heating it Up Again)

The Problem(s) with Removing Section 230

When you raise the question of limiting disinformation on social media platforms, the most obvious answer is to repeal Section 230. Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and countless other senators and representatives from both parties have expressed support for the idea, which would see companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube liable for disinformation spread and posted… Continue reading The Problem(s) with Removing Section 230

The Dark Side of Crypto.

Over the past few years, the long and winding road that is investing in Bitcoin has pushed many to see the cryptocurrency, and many others in the field it popularized, as the future of commerce: A decentralized, blockchain backed currency with the power to revolutionize the world economy. However, valleys that often match or exceed… Continue reading The Dark Side of Crypto.

Is It Apple’s Responsibility to Enforce Social Media?

Over the past week, there’s been much discussion over social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube and the roles that each of them had to play in the events of last week. With this discussion, there’s been increasing demands for these platforms to be held accountable for both the attack on Capitol Hill and countless… Continue reading Is It Apple’s Responsibility to Enforce Social Media?

The True Danger of Parler

Over the past few days, left-leaning Twitter has seemingly collectively rejoiced over the departure of a large number of right-leaning users following Donald Trump’s suspension on the platform. It’s understandable why. For the past four years, and, likely even farther back than that, Twitter has been a key battleground for the culture wars that far… Continue reading The True Danger of Parler