Things not Owned

The transfusion of physical and digital technologies has held a number of well documented negative implications for consumer societies: digital absorption, the rise of throwaway consumerism, etc. But there is one such negative implication that is, in my eyes, unjustly, and congruently, dangerously overlooked, when examining this transfusion: the decline of ownership. Physically, this decline,… Continue reading Things not Owned

In Light of Religion

It’s no secret that religious tendencies, in the traditional non-philosophy sense, have been in sharp decline. In a trend likely exacerbated through the internet enabled spread of ideas, the traditional religion (Christianity, Judaism, and Islamism) is not nearly as popular or prevalent in the public’s lives as it was even 40 years ago. And while… Continue reading In Light of Religion

The Illusion of Choice

We, as a race, have a terribly self-destructive tendency to over quantify the unquantifiable. It’s the sole cause of religion. Of materialism. And, perhaps most pertinent to 21st century American politics, and most definitely to this piece, it’s what leads to political partisanship. In his final public address as the first President of the United… Continue reading The Illusion of Choice