Every Job is a Tech Job… And Why That’s a Good Thing.

For the past few decades the spread and democratization of technology kickstarted by the introduction of the first personal computers in the 1980s has gradually become more and more of a defining force in our lives, with many of our lives being intrinsically infused with, and, in turn, defined by, the technology we use for our work, entertainment, and well being everyday. As these technologies have become more and more important in our lives, our lives have in turn responded to these technologies diligently, as our lifestyles grow in new directions led by the their relationships with the technology we have become so dependent on. One field that has become completely redefined by the growing relationship between technology and our lives is that of the workplace, with many of the jobs held by Americans today being defined by the modern technologies that are put to use within them. Even outside of workplace culture, we can see how technology has slipped itself into everything, even in the most random places. This is like a good thing though because the more people that can use technology equates to a higher demand for technological advancement I guess.

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