Apple is Getting Worse at Designing Software: What that Could Mean and Why it’s Such a Big Deal.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple during the late 1990s, he used one skill to single handily take Apple from one of the world’s most disastrous companies to one of it’s most popular and powerful ones. That skill was focus, and for a company like Apple that completely lacked it before Jobs brought it with him upon his return, focus meant the difference between rising to become one of the greatest companies in the world and falling into obscurity. But now, Steve Jobs is gone, and since his death, Apple has grown exponentially, and Apple’s focus has proportionally expanded just as fast as its market cap, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. These days its easy to see how Apple has become less and less focused, with the trillion dollar tech firm expanding into dozens of new categories every year, including finance, entertainment services, health, and possibly even the automotive industry. And while this may initially seem like a good thing, in reality, that really isn’t the full story, as each time Apple expands into a new market, they divert more and more focus into said market, taking away valuable focus and concentration on the markets they are already in. This is most visible when it comes to their software, such as their various operating systems and the design of the applications within them. The past few versions of these OS updates have been notoriously bug heavy, and the apps within them have become noticeably less user friendly. And while this can neither be confirmed or denied, this visible decline in software user experience quality and design can very easily be diagnosed as a byproduct of a lack of focus, with Apple’s presence in each of the markets they occupy taking away vital focus from each other. To conclude, Apple is losing focus, most likely because they are trying to do to many things at once. this is dangerous because Apple has survived and thrived on being a company that provides great products with the some of the best possible user experiences, which they’ve been enabled to do by extreme focus. Everything from software and hardware design to packaging and marketing, Apple’s extreme focus has given them the ability to refine even the most minute details, allowing them to provide users with amazing and top of the line experiences. But if Apple should lose this focus that has been so important to them in the past, then the Apple that changed the world so many years ago might as well have had died along with Steve Jobs.

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