Should Apple Make an iOS Laptop?

As time goes on, the iPad and the MacBook have grown closer and closer to converging. Arguably the greatest step towards this convergence was made recently with the addition of trackpad and mouse support to iPadOS, which gave the iPad one of the key features of a fully-fledged MacBook. Following this path, Apple is slated to release a new MacBook with an ARM processor next near, which would bring the two platforms closer together than ever before through unifying their processors architectures. But as the iPad inches closer and closer to becoming a fully-fledged laptop, the question begins to arise: should Apple just make the iPad a laptop that runs iPadOS. While this certainly seems like one logical evolution for the iPad in its current state, I don’t personally think that the iPad needs to adopt the form factor of a laptop to be able to replace a laptop. Having used the new Magic Keyboard with trackpad for a few days now, I can firmly say that the iPad feels more like a full laptop replacement than ever before, and I can also firmly say that I am happy with where the iPad is currently at in terms of being a laptop replacement. You see, the most “magical” part of the Magic Keyboard isn’t that it lets the iPad be a laptop, it’s that it lets the iPad be an iPad when you want it to be. The thing that makes the iPad an iPad is its versatility, and the new Magic Keyboard perfectly supports this versatility-based device. If you want to use the keyboard and effectively have a fully functional laptop, its as simple as attaching the iPad to the top of the keyboard and snapping it in place, and if you want to use the iPad as an iPad, all you have to do is pull the iPad away. This versatility is what makes the iPad so great, and to destroy it in the name of making the iPad lighter and more lapable would be a disgrace to Steve Job’s original vision for the product and the effective death of the iPad in the eyes of many.

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