The Deeper Ways Covid-19 Will Change the Way We Live.

The spread of Covid-19 has plunged the world into unmitigated chaos. As of May 1st, The deadly virus has claimed close to a quarter of a million lives, completely disrupting our way of life in the process. But Covid-19 isn’t only killing us, it’s slowly eating away at well established institutions, both in America and the world at large, and when this whole epidemic is over, the world we live in will be a radically different one. One area most affected by the spread of Covid-19 is the workplace. More than ever before, American’s are working from home, and when this is all over, many aren’t sure they’ll want to go back to the old way of life. Just on the surface level, such a massive shift in the way work would have massive implications for the way we live, more Americans working from home could mean drastically different societal roles, and the lessened presence of the office could completely overhaul real estate. On top of the differences in how we’re living, we’re also witnessing a colossal paradigm shift in where we’re living. Thousands are fleeing big cities to escape the firm grasp the virus holds over them, and experts are saying many won’t come back. Especially in the case of New York, this event has expedited the already growing trend of people leaving big cities for smaller suburban areas. The common factor between these two shifts in our culture, working from home and leaving big cities, is not that they were kickstarted by the spread of Covid-19, but that they were preexisting trends expedited by the spread of Covid-19.

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