The Greatest Overlooked Potential for AI

Out of all up and coming technologies, AI has-almost indisputably-the greatest amount of hype surrounding it. This hype largely stems from the fact that AI’s true potential is relatively unknown, making its theoretical potential limitless. While this certainly does make it difficult to accurately gauge the true potential of artificial intelligence, some of its theoretical applications are incredibly intriguing and have true potential. People have found ways to cram artificial intelligence into practically ever use case, which might make you think that almost all practical use cases have been covered, but in reality, this isn’t the case. Perhaps the greatest use case for AI has not been discovered or in any case-realized-as of yet, and in my opinion, this overlooked use case is more accessible programming. Over the past few decades, as computing has become more and more ubiquitous, programming has failed to become noticeably easier to adopt with it. While coding has certainly become more user-friendly in certain aspects, it largely remains too difficult to be accessible by the masses. But AI could change this. AI and, as an extension, machine learning could help to make programing drastically easier and more accessible to the general population. By allowing for simpler commands and scripting by using machine learning algorithms and pattern recognition, machine learning could allow for more versatile syntax for programming languages, meaning coding would be significantly easier to adopt. But why does this untapped application have so much potential? It’s simple, more and more people would be able to realize their ideas if they had the ability to program them into reality, and when we can all realize our dreams, the world becomes a better place.

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