What Does the Future Hold for the Mac?

Over the past ten years, Apple has slowly but surely built up a case for the iPad being a replacement for the traditional computer, and as an extension of that, the Mac. But even today, Apple continues to release new and improved Mac models, with even more rumored to be on the horizon. So, in a future where almost everyone uses an iPad for their daily computing needs, where does the Mac stand? The best answer seems to be as a device to do the list of things the iPad can’t do, which, thanks to rapid innovation, is constantly growing smaller and smaller in size. The remaining contents of this list are becoming more and more made up of edge cases, but there are a few that may never be able to truly work on the iPad. One such case that comes to mind is enterprise use. Because of the iPad’s hallmark portability, enterprise server use is one application that the iPad will most likely never be able to handle to the same extent as the Mac does. Another use case is app and web development, which typically requires machines more powerful than those developed applications are running on in order to maximize said applications performance. However, besides these two use cases, which have relatively low user bases, the iPad should soon be able to do most of the most important things the Mac can, negating the need for it almost entirely.

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