The Mac Was the iPad of the 80s.

Today, the Mac and the graphical user interface that it introduced are ubiquitous, they’re seen in coffeeshops, classrooms, and airports all around the world, but for it wasn’t always that way. Back in 1984, when the original Macintosh was unveiled, it was met with about as much skepticism as it was with excitement, with many unsure if the computer’s headlining new graphical based operating system would take off, and at first, it didn’t. It took years for the Mac to catch on, but eventually, customers and competitors saw the genius in Apple’s design, and slowly but surely, the graphical user interface took over the computing world. Today, another one of Apple’s product lines is undergoing a similar story to that of the Mac’s, and that is the iPad. When Steve Jobs announced the iPad a decade ago, it was met with a familiar mix of hype and skepticism. Ten years on, the iPad and its touch based navigation is slowly taking the world by storm, and before we know it, the iPad will be as prominent as the Mac.

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