Why the iPad mini Sucks

Over the past few years, Apple has mades strides to turn the public’s perception of the iPad from a entertainment device to a computer replacement, but one product stands in their way: the iPad mini. The iPad mini epitomizes everything that is wrong with tablets, with the key reason for its existence being entertainment applications. The mini’s smaller screen restricts the type of work that can be done on it to a far to extreme extent, making it way to impractical to act as a stand in for a fully fledged laptop the way its larger brothers can, relegating it to a glorified larger phone, and its this restriction that is so dangerous to the iPad’s adoption and evolution. I would be fine with this, the mini’s existence wouldn’t bother me at all if it weren’t so dangerous to the rest of the iPad lineup. As I said before, the advancements and changes Apple has made with the iPad lineup are largely negated by the mini’s existence, which helps to retain the general public view that the iPad works best as an entertainment device, and not a next-generation computer.

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