What Will True Consumer Ready Augmented Reality Really Look Like?

For years, the subject augmented reality has been relegated solely to the stuff of science fiction, but finally, after years of seeing it in books, movies, and tv shows, true consumer augmented reality may soon come to fruition in our reality. For the past few years, more and more big tech firms such as Google, Facebook, and Apple have been hopping on the AR train, but it seems like each of these firms have different ideas on AR’s applications and what it can really be. Social media companies like Facebook and Snapchat are developing AR for entertainment and social uses, fitting in line with the services they provide. More business facing firms such as Google and Microsoft are pushing their AR products for enterprise use, whereas Apple, long rumored to be developing an AR headset, is seemingly developing their AR platform primarily for consumer use, with some speculating said platform could evolve into a product with as big of an impact on the tech landscape as the original iPhone. But which one this varied visions will AR fulfill? The answer is all of them, and none of them at the same time. If AR does have as big of an effect on the tech landscape as the smartphone did, and judging by the plethora of players in it, the chances of such are high, then AR will not be defined by these applications, and instead, it will define new applications. When the iPhone came out, it didn’t disrupt the smartphone space, it disrupted the personal computer space, and it redefined many computer applications, such as communication and entertainment. AR will do the same thing, rather than being restricted by preexisting applications, AR will create new ones, ones that will be informed by wide range of hardware and software potential made available with the platform

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