Steve Jobs (Probably) Would Have Hated the iPhone. Here’s Why.

Steve Job’s once infamously called the computer a “bicycle for the mind”, highlighting its potential to amplify our own abilities and give us the means to do great things. Back then, the computer’s potential in productivity, creativity, and accessibility was seemingly limitless, and its future exciting. But today, in that exciting future, where we have computers that can fit in our pockets and others around our wrists, the computer is less like a bicycle for the mind, and much more like a crutch. The introduction of the smartphone brought with it a new age of computing. Finally, we had fully fledged computers that could fit in our pockets and be with us all day, and at first, much of the limitless possibility attached to the original personal computers in the early 1980s was tacked on to the smartphone, mostly for the possibilities of the productivity applications of conventional computers/ computers finally being accessible anywhere you go. But we’ve quickly seen that the smartphone can be just as much of a obstacle in our lives as it can be a tool. The ever connectedness that made the smartphone so great is also what makes it so dangerous, due to its enabling of addictive practices apps use to keep us sucked in, providing yet another distraction in our already over-distracted lives. This enabling is what makes the smartphone such a crutch, that stops us from reaching our true potential, and what would make it a danger in the eyes of Steve Jobs.

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