Is Microsoft the Next IBM?

In the 1980s, IBM was the undisputed king of the personal computer space. Although they had a late start, the IBM PC quickly gained market dominance over competitors like Apple and RadioShack, landing on the desks and in the homes of thousands of people both in America and around the world. But today, IBM doesn’t… Continue reading Is Microsoft the Next IBM?

The Greatest Overlooked Potential for AI

Out of all up and coming technologies, AI has-almost indisputably-the greatest amount of hype surrounding it. This hype largely stems from the fact that AI’s true potential is relatively unknown, making its theoretical potential limitless. While this certainly does make it difficult to accurately gauge the true potential of artificial intelligence, some of its theoretical… Continue reading The Greatest Overlooked Potential for AI

The Mac Was the iPad of the 80s.

Today, the Mac and the graphical user interface that it introduced are ubiquitous, they’re seen in coffeeshops, classrooms, and airports all around the world, but for it wasn’t always that way. Back in 1984, when the original Macintosh was unveiled, it was met with about as much skepticism as it was with excitement, with many… Continue reading The Mac Was the iPad of the 80s.

Why the iPad mini Sucks

Over the past few years, Apple has mades strides to turn the public’s perception of the iPad from a entertainment device to a computer replacement, but one product stands in their way: the iPad mini. The iPad mini epitomizes everything that is wrong with tablets, with the key reason for its existence being entertainment applications.… Continue reading Why the iPad mini Sucks

What Will True Consumer Ready Augmented Reality Really Look Like?

For years, the subject augmented reality has been relegated solely to the stuff of science fiction, but finally, after years of seeing it in books, movies, and tv shows, true consumer augmented reality may soon come to fruition in our reality. For the past few years, more and more big tech firms such as Google,… Continue reading What Will True Consumer Ready Augmented Reality Really Look Like?

Has Computer Innovation Plateaued?

For the past 40 years, computer innovation has been solely driven by a demand for greater accessibility. First, computers became smaller, so that they could fit on your desk. Then, their operating systems became easier to use, weaning off of texted based interfaces and adopting far more user friendly graphical ones. After that, computers became… Continue reading Has Computer Innovation Plateaued?