Technology’s Impact on the Way We Work.

When Alan Turing refined what would become the first iteration of the modern day computer way back in the late 1940s, he had no way of knowing the impact it would have on the world future generations would inherit from him. With the help of many great thinkers, the computer has truly infiltrated every corner of our lives since Turing’s initial model, defining many aspects of everyday life. One aspect of life impacted by the computer’s rise to prominence in a particularly large way is the way we work and the way our work interacts with the rest of our lives. Through multiple seperate avenues, the computer has worked to define the way that we work and simultaneously blur the line between our professional and personal lives. One way that the computer has done this that is more observable than ever right now it’s allowance of remote working. The ability to work from home is entirely reliant on the computer, and what has now become the way that 43 percent of Americans work (according to CNBC) would be impossible without the presence and prevalence of the computer. Another way that technology has changed our work culture is through email. The ability, a benefit or a curse, to maintain constant contact with colleagues has truly had a monumental impact on the way we work. Furthermore, this ability has further blurred the line between what’s work and what’s not by bringing work related concerns and conversations into our homes, which was, for the most part, a safe haven of personal life guarded from our professional ones up until now. Through these means and many more, technology has had a truly massive impact on the way we work and the way our work is related to the rest of our life.

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