How Coronavirus Offers a Rare Glimpse Into the Future of Work.

With the increased viability of remote working that comes with the greater access to computers, working from home has never been easier or more prevalent. Despite this, a majority of America’s workforce commutes to an office or other business facility to work, even though this is increasingly becoming more unnecessary and in many cases, less cost effective for both employers and employees than working from home. While there are certainly some industries and professions that are entirely incompatible with the practice of working from home, this is certainly a minority, and a large percentage of jobs could be completed by working from home. Recently, we have seen an upward trend of Americans working from home, but we still have a long way to go before the economic and productivity benefits of this system can be fully realized. However, a recent emergence has prompted a shakeup in American work culture: the outbreak of Covid-19. In the name of precautions being taken to deter the spread of the virus, more and more workplaces are temporarily shutting down their physical offices and workspaces and pushing their employees to work from home. With more and more Americans working from home, we will be able to see a rare glimpse of the effects of a large population of remote workers on the economy, society, and culture of America.

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