Are Apple Products Overpriced?

Whenever a new Apple product comes out, your’e sure to hear everything about it for days. If its a phone, you hear about the fancy new camera, for AirPods, the noise cancelling, for the MacBook, the new keyboards, but for all of these products, the thing you seem to hear about the most is always the price. Apple is a premium company, and their name isn’t exactly synonymous with cheap. But many think that Apple’s products, especially in recent years, aren’t just expensive, but overpriced. It’s not hard to see why some people have this sentiment, two hundred and fifty dollars for a pair pf headphones or one thousand for an iPhone isn’t what you would call cheap, but calling these products overpriced is another story. The detail that many Apple naysayers omit when deeming the company’s products overpriced is that when you buy an iPhone, MacBook, or AirPods, your’e not just paying for the phone, laptop, or headphones, your’e paying for the whole user experience. Apple products hold with them the guarantee of a user experience that is a cut above the rest, and one that carries with it a higher price tag. This elevated user experiences is pricy for a company to develop, with countless hours, dollars, and assets poured their designs, research, and developments. This extra effort has allowed for user experience breakthroughs such as the seamless integration between AirPods and iOS devices, or even farther back with the original Mac and it’s graphical user interface. So when you read that it costs Apple two hundred and fifty dollars to assemble a phone they charge one thousand for, your’e not seeing the whole picture. It’s not just the assembly, its the seamless nature of the software that it runs off of, the research behind it’s innovative new features, and the breathtaking design that embodies the device. All of these factors and the processes, time, and people behind them make Apple’s devices more costly to develop then their competitors, but they’re also what makes them better, and they truly make and Apple product and Apple product.

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