Now that Jony Ive is gone, where will Apple’s design go?

Jony Ive made the news last summer when the long time Apple chief designer, responsible for giving a personality to many of the company’s most important products, would be leaving the company. The world was shocked; Ive had been a monumentally important force in the company, with many considering his role to be close to equal in significance to the Tim Cook’s, the CEO of the company. While he’s only been gone for just over two months, Ive’s absence has quickly become noticeable, especially in Apple’s design. Newer products like the new Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, or even the new iPhone serve as shining examples of a clear lack of Jony Ive’s design policy of form over function, a policy that carried Apple to success from earlier failures and to where it is today. These aforementioned devices are thicker, larger, and more functional than before, all while being less simplistic. A great example of this is the iPhone, which received a plethora of online ostracism for it’s controversial camera design, which, while allowing for greater photographic potential, stuck out like a sore thumb when compared to earlier designs. So, is this the future of Apple’s design: functionality over form? Tim Cook’s history as a successful industrial engineer, a position that exists solely to cut costs and add functionality with little consideration for the beauty and appearance of a product, would certainly add evidence to this theory. However, Design plays a massive role in Apple, often setting it apart from its competitors, so, how will a decreased emphasis on it effect the company? To answer that, we will have to wait and see.

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