The iPad is a great computer, but it could be the greatest.

Recently, its gotten easy to wrap your head around the idea of the iPad as a computer. Through Apple’s addition of features like split screen multitasking, a file manager, and mouse support, the iPad is more like a computer than ever before. But it can be so much more. While these new additions are great, they take away some of the fundamental advantages that a tablet has over a traditional laptop computer. Tablets can me much more versatile, portable, and intimate computers than laptops can, yet these recent updates essentially turn the iPad into a touchscreen Mac. The prospect of the iPad that allowed it to garner so much hype before its launch was that the possibility of a whole new, completely different form factor for computing, one that would allow for truly endless possibilities and applications. Instead of pursuing this future for the iPad, Apple seems intent on pursuing an easier to use Mac, which isn’t what people want, when they should be pursuing a wholly different device, one that does things that the Mac can’t by harnessing its unique hardware, software, and form factor.

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