Analog Concepts in a Digital World Part 1: Animosity

Why do we wear masks? There is an inherent seduction that comes packaged with the mystique of a secret identity. We feel empowered by secrecy, it is like a drug, making us feel as if we can do anything, because no one is looking. The KKK used animosity as a weapon through hiding behind a mask and committing treacheries under the backdrop of the moon and acting like different men with the sun’s rise. Technology, like a mask, empowers us through secrecy, we can attack, hurl vicious insults and destroy people with a keyboard and mouse, without them ever seeing our face. Virtual secrecy is a danger often left unchecked, as in the past, fear of public humiliation or shame for attacking others, verbally or physically, has kept us in line. But now, technology enables the deepest levels of secrecy, and people use this to their advantage to wage virtual war with bombs and planes of derogatory remarks and insults. So the question is, will we become less sensitive, or more power high?

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