100 Days of Product Design #5

Design Name: Pen

Design Description: A ballpoint pen

Design Purpose: Every other pen on the market is ugly.

Thought Process: I wanted to design a pen that was both beautiful and ergonomic, as a pen has to both look great and feel great due to the amount of time you have it in your hand. This need for ergonomics lead to the implementation of the divots in the lower body, which provide ample grip without being an eyesore. I wanted the pen to be white because, in order to have a white product, you have to take a lot into consideration, and when someone sees a product in white, they say “oh that must be really well designed” because its really easy to see blemishes and imperfections when your product is white, so everything about it has to be perfect.

Design Description: The pen would have a .07 mm tip, a nice balance between the more satisfying but less accurate .10 style and the less satisfying but more accurate .05 style.

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