100 Days of Product Design: Day 2

Design Name: AirPods 2

Design Description: A redesign of the original AirPods, updated to fit in with modern tech aesthetics and utilize updated manufacturing techniques to make the AirPods smaller and more streamlined than ever before.

Design Purpose: The purpose was to update the design of the current AirPods, as to make them fit more in line with Apple’s current design language and the tech design landscape as a whole.

Thought Process: I wanted the new AirPods to feel like a distillation of the iconic design, almost like a characeteur that streamlines design while still retaining all of the essential and recognizable elements and aspects of the original design. I wanted to give the design a more rounded and organic feel, as that is the direction the current tech design landscape is headed in, and I like the warm, friendly feel the more rounded curves evoke. I also felt that they should be completely matte white. Gloss is out right now, and matte is in, and it should conceal scratches and dings much more effectively. decided to make the stems shorter, as that was my main design gripe with the original AirPods, and I feel like the more stubby stems carry on that friendly feel from before.

Product Specifications: AirPods 2 would sound even better than the original AirPods, with larger speakers than before. But not only will songs sound better, you can listen to them longer, with the AirPods themselves having a battery life of 16 hours, and the case having the ability to recharge the AirPods 2 times, and if your batteries do end up failing, its easier and more environmentally friendly than ever to get them replaced, with a new, easier to take apart design. Finally the new AirPods 2 case comes with wireless charging out of the box, and you can get them for just $169.

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