The Mandalorian perfectly embodies Star Wars. Here’s Why:

The MANdo himself
Image via Forbes

When most people think of Star Wars, they think of iconic characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. However it’s neither these characters nor their stories that keep bringing fans back into Star Wars, it’s the universe where the those characters live and where those adventures take place. It’s been this way since the very beginning. In 1977, what made Star Wars so popular was not the story some farm boy finding a laser sword and blowing up a giant evil space station, it was everything else. The minute details and hidden yet fleshed out pieces of lore that went into every single element of the universe. It was the Jawas, the Tusken Raiders, the Wookies, and the intriguing mystery of the force. The shear scope of the universe that it portrayed is what made film so popular, and in an era where most films centered around spies or medieval times, a sci fi epic with a vast and detailed universe was a magnet for audiences and ripe to become a mainstay among movie franchises. So when critics start lambasting The Mandalorian for only having “filler episodes” and not moving the story along, I have to write pieces like these. The Mandalorian perfectly represents and delivers what people want out of the Star Wars universe. It brings us to corners of the galaxy that have not yet been seen by viewers’ eyes. It introduces us to new characters and places that could of been ripped directly out of the original trilogy but somehow still seem completely new. The episodic nature of The Mandalorian is what makes it such a fun watch for me, a die hard Star Wars fan, as it rekindles the spirit of the original films, and what makes it my favorite piece of Star Wars content since the original trilogy.

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