What tech defined the 2010s?

Every decade has a technology that defined it. In the 70s, it was the PC, which brought computers into the mainstream. In the 80s, it was the GUI, which made computers the friendly, easy to use computers that they are today. The internet defined the 1990s, connecting the world and allowing for the very words your reading right now to reach you. With the 2000s came the advent of the mobile phone, and ,eventually, the iPhone, a device that was more than likely, directly or indirectly, the anscetor to the device you are reading this piece on at this very moment. All of these technologies are the obvious answers to the question of what technology defined their respective decades, but the answer is less apparent when pertains to the 2010s. Some would think that the obvious answer would be the smart watch or the wearable, but I would argue against that, as products like the Apple Watch, while still popular, haven’t had the same social effect as the ones above did. It is this social effect that lets a technology define a decade, like the way the internet became a selling point for computers after it took the world by storm, or the way that, almost instantaneously, the iPhone forced phone manufacturers and carriers alike to rethink their business models. So what happened? Did we stop innovating? I don’t think so. Honestly, I don’t think any technology defined the decade, instead, I think we defined the technology. The 2010s signified the first time we started to demand the rights that tech was taking away from us. New privacy laws were passed protect users against companies like Facebook and Google and their shady practices. We started to combat fake news and take a stand against the spreading pf misinformation. In the face of setbacks likethe FCC’s repealing of net neutrality, we saw the people stand up for their rights and states passed legislation to keep the law in effect. We have to recognize that, even though companies like Apple may not have released any game-changing new technologies over the past decade, we the people have made strives towards making technology better, and that is just as important as any smartphone, tablet, or internet, in my books.

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