Was Apple purposefully trying to make the Macs worse?

Steve Jobs holding the original iPad after announcing the PC was dead
Image via Flickr

10 years ago, Steve Jobs declared the PC was dead when he announced the iPad, claiming it to be the future of computing. While we have gotten closer to that future tea rent quite there yet. Th biggest problem with getting people to adopt the iPad is that many people don’t see it as an actual computer. When thinking about an Apple Computer the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the Mac. This is for good reason, A, the Mac has been around much longer and B, up until recently the iPad couldn’t hold a candle to the Mac when it came to use as a primary computer. If Apple really does see the iPad as the future of computing and the successor to the Mac, simultaneously making the product they want you to buy more, there would certainly be an incentive for them to make the Mac seem less appealing when compare to the iPad. This could include the keyboard controversy, the issues with the Mac Pro, the thermal throttling issues, and any other number of issues that the Mac line has faced in recent years. Think about it, of all of Apple’s product lines, the Mac has seen the most amount of controversy. So there is definitely the basis for the conspiracy that Apple tried to make the Mac seem worse than the iPad to push their vision of the future. However, I don’t think that this is the case, I think instead Apple made a rare miscalculation of the market and falsely determined that the iPad had already secured the spot of the computer replacement they want it to be, when that wasn’t the case. Because of this miscalculation I think they most likely diverted attention away from the Mac towards the iPad, but when they saw the public outcry as a result of the shortcomings of recent Macs, they took a step back and reevaluated their stance on the platform, leading to products like the Mac Pro and the 16 inch MacBook Pro. I know that the day will come when the iPad truly does replace the PC, but that day has not come yet, and it is clear that Apple now realizes that.

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