Apple going portless on the iPhone already?

Perhaps the second to last iPhone with a Lightning Port
Image Via Ars Technica

I can already hear “It’s the headphone jack all over again.”. According to well trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which is definitely not someone working at Apple “leaking” details about future devices to generate hype, Apple will be ditching the Lightning connector in its 2021 iPhones. Now, while this is definitely not set in stone, Kuo is known to be reputable with Apple leaks in the past. I mean, wireless charging, which would almost definitely become the primary power delivery method in the absence of a a physical charging port, has been a feature of iPhones since the iPhone 8 in 2017, when it was a heavily requested feature for iPhones. It also makes sense that the iPhone would be Apple’s first device forgo traditional charging completely and push users into the portless future (the first device besides the Watch that is). The iPhone has always been one of Apple’s more experimental products, simply because Apple knows they will always be able to sell them. Removing the Lightning port would have its benefits for Apple too. It would probably make it easier to waterproof, and not having to make room for the female connector inside the phone would definitely free up some space. Where there are some benefits for Apple, however there are definitely some downsides for consumers. For one, you wouldn’t be able to plug in headphones or any other wired accessories that take advantage of the physical port. Because the iPhone is easily Apple’s most popular device, though, it would definitely lead to one of the biggest pushes into the inevitable portless future, which Apple has been pushing to for years. But the possible absence of the Lighting connector definitely poses some questions. Will the iPhone come with a wireless charger out of the box? Will Apple try to revive AirPower for a portless iPhone? Will we ever see USB-C on the iPhone? Of course all of these questions require that Apple actually does remove the Lightning port, which I don’t think is unlikely, judging Apple’s past, but it definitely is interesting to speculate about.

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