My thoughts on the Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck
Image via Business Insider

When Elon Musk announced that Tesla was developing a pick up truck last year, everyone thought he was kidding when he said that it would look like “something out of Blade Runner” . He wasn’t. The truck, in all of its low-poly glory, has become divisive for its wild new design, but you don’t need to hear that, you’ve already seen it. Everyone has, and everyone has an opinion on it, and this is mine. Initially, I thought it looked cool, but extremely impractical when thinking about it driving down the highway. In the weeks since its unveil, however, my thoughts on the Cybertruck have evolved. I knew why they went with such a crazy and polarizing design, its free publicity, and its instantly recognizable just because there is nothing out there that looks even remotely like it. I can’t blast this strategy, I mean, it definitely had the intended effect if that truly was what they were looking for. This notion helped fertilize the design to grow further on me, as it added a little bit reasoning to such a wild concept. I never thought the design was ugly, per say, but rather that it was one that would take time for people to appreciate. Its similar to the case of AirPods. Initially lambasted for what many deemed a silly design, they have since gone on to become an instantly recognizable product that have inspired many clones and even knock offs from other companies. This was because of the innovation that went into them to make them such magical products. I don’t think that the wild new design should be criticized just yet, especially as it will take time to grow on many of us and we have not seen how innovative the Cybertruck really is. For these reasons Im holding out complete judgement of the design until the thing comes out, to see how the design and innovation come together to form the whole product.

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